Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wallet Modification

Wallet Modification #1

1 skein ‘Full’o Sheep’ yarn 100% wool (Debbie Stoller)
Color Black Sheep
Size 10 needle or size to obtain gauge
(gauge is not super critical, you will be felting)
4 stitch markers
Row counter or scratch paper and pencil

Le'ts Begin...  Cast on 28 stitches

Knit 12 rows, place marker #1

Pick up 6 stitches on short side, pm#2

Pu 28 sts on cast on edge, pm#3

Pu the last 6 stitches on the far short side and place final marker #4

1. p entire round (this is counted as row one)

2. k entire round

3. Slm #1, kf&b, k4, kf&b, slm#2, k28, slm#3, kf&b, k4, kf&b, slm#4. First increase row completed 4 stitches increased, 2 each side.

4. p entire round k to marker #2, slm, sl1st p-wise, k26, sl1st p-wise, slm#3, k to marker #4, slm, sl1st p-wise, k26, sl1st p-wise. If you notice, these are the first and last stitches slipped on either side of the long side with out any increases made in them. You will continue this same slipstitch method on every even row.

5. to 10. knit evenly

11. Slm #1, k1f&b, k6, k1f&b, slm#2, k28, slm#3, k1f&b, k6, k1f&b, slm#4.

12. to 20. knit evenly

21. Slm #1, k1f&b, k8, k1f&b, slm#2, k28, slm#3, k1f&b, k8, k1f&b, slm#4.

22. to 30. knit evenly

31. Slm #1, k1f&b, k10, k1f&b, slm#2, k28, slm#3, k1f&b, k10, k1f&b, slm#4.

32. to 40. knit evenly.

41. Slm #1, k1f&b, k12, k1f&b, slm#2, k28, slm#3, k1f&b, k12, k1f&b, slm#4.

42. to 50. knit evenly.

51. p entire round

52. Bind off all stitches up to marker #3, removing markers as you go. (#1, #2 #3) Knit to marker #4 remove marker.

53. Turn your work (ws facing you) k4, p24, k4

54. k4, k1f&b, k22, k1f&b, k4 (right side)

55. k4, p26, k4

56. k4, k1f&b, k24, k1f&b, k4

57. k4, p28 k4

58. k entire row

59. Knit first & last 4 stitches, pearl the rest in-between

60. Repeat row 59.~ 6 more times

61. Repeat row 60. ~ 5 more times

70. Now on this row, (wrong side) k4, p2tog, p26, p2tog, k4

71. k odd numbered rows (right side)

72. k4, p2tog, p24, p2tog, k4.

74. Continue to knit first 4 and last 4 of each even (wrong side) row, decreasing 2 stitches by pearling 2 together just after the first 4 knits and before the last 4 knits until you reach (and complete) row 82.

83. to 86 k

87. Bind off all stitches, weave in ends

Throw in washer and felt away!!


pm place marker
slm slip marker
k knit
p pearl
k1f&b knit 1 stitch, front and back
p2tog pearl 2 together

Full length prior to felting

top of wallet
 8 inches in width

10 inches in length with flap down prior to felting

15 inche with flap open prior to felting

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