Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer sillyness

A new blog for the beggning of summer sillyness. You know when that is, when the weather gets hotter, clothing gets smaller and usually not prettier. When you eat out side, enjoy the last little breaths of light even at 9:15pm. When everything seems to taste and smell better. This is one of my favorite time of year. I wish it would last longer than it does, but its better than rain or snow! I cant even imagin going outside of my house in mid June and having snow on the ground, how depressing that must be. Now mind you I dont mind a summer cloud burst, but flash flooding is not my idea of fun. Yesterday Michael Jackson died...everyons crying about it, like he will be SO completely missed...NOT. Yea, he had some good songs, and he had a messed up child hood, but getahold of your selves, he was a mortal man, not a god. What about poor Farah Fosset (doudbt that is spelled right), she died yesterday too...who mentioned that? She lived a long and horrible battle with the 'Big C Word' that this country seems to overlook. My heart goes out to all her family for the sorrow of her passing. Just know that she is no longer in pain, I know that that is a small comfort, but it is at least just that. Ok enough of my summer sillyness... at least for not

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